SO, let me guess! You updated all the Apps on your phone and now you can’t use Google+ to post to your pages? In fact you can’t even change from your personal profile, to even FIND your Google+ page.

Am I correct? You are not alone…

Firstly, if you have already updated, it’s OK there is a fix…if you haven’t this is one you might want to leave alone for now. The old App is SO much better, easier to use and involves using only one application. I can hear all those update newbies going…”Oh No”

The Fix

Ok, load up the App store and download the Google+ Pages App, it looks just like this….


When you login, it will load all your analytics for your business page, this is a great improvement but it works more like the Facebook Pages App that people got sick of using very quickly. We are hoping that Google fixes the issue of swapping pages in the next update. For now, if you have updated and really want to continue posting from your phone, you will need to download the Google Pages App.


Are you one of those people that have multiple pages? Easy, to switch between accounts all you have to do is click the little arrow in top right hand corner of your screen. This will give you a drop down menu where you can select the page you want. Another great feature is if you swipe across the cover photo to the right it will take you to the next page in your list, this is very convenient if you only have a couple of pages. App loading time will be increased if your account holds more than 3 pages, if this is you, that little drop down arrow is going to become your new best friend.

Ok, so how do I post? See this lovely red button in the screen shot below…just click it and it will open a selection tool where you can select share on Google+…add photos…or update/edit your business info.


Just like this…


When you select Share on Google+ it will open up the post layout screen where you can post to your little hearts content, sharing photos and quality, engaging content. Of course we all know about that don’t we? If you don’t…. I know this really dorky girl who will sit down 1-1 with you and teach you how to develop a great content marketing strategy for your business, i’ll even shout you coffee 🙂


Now, don’t forget to keep your eye on who your sending your post out to, just select the little + button and add all those people in the circles you want to see your post.  One thing you will notice is the very obvious lack of ‘shared links’ option. This is something we can’t really get around yet, for a while you might be stuck pasting the link into the body of your post.

Now, here is the really annoying part….oh don’t roll your eyes Mr/Mrs Updater…sometimes the best things should be left alone. I bet your wondering where you can view your stream, engage with your clients and customers and comment on other people’s posts. Well it’s back to Google+ (RED App) my friends. At the moment you can only engage with people who comment on YOUR pages posts from the Google My Business App….convenient but this is going to hurt your growth in the long run.

Well That’s all from me Meeples,

Good Luck and if you haven’t updated your phone yet….WAIT!