How To Schedule

For all my clients concerned with how to schedule your posts using Friends+Me, I have taken the liberty of creating step-by-step instructions for you. There is no need to get frustrated, it’s really quite simple 🙂

Step 1: – Create your queue

When you first log in on the left hand side you will have two dropdown options one will say ‘Menu’ and one will say ‘Accounts’ select the ‘Accounts’ drop down and find your Google+ account (It will always be the first/top account)

Note: This is the process for setting up scheduling for multiple accounts at the same time not just posting to Google+.

Step 2: – What do you want to share?

Selecting ‘Queue’ will open up your schedule timeline, you will notice you don’t have anything in the queue at the moment…that’s OK, you’ll see this start to populate shortly. Click into the box that says ‘What do you want to share today’ this will open your post box.




Step 3: – Create your Post

Create your post, If you’re adding a photo click the mountain picture to add an image to your post. If you’re wanting to link to a website select the ‘chain link’ icon and cut and paste the website address into the link field. You will then be able to select an appropriate image to embed in your post or upload your own if you don’t like the options given to you. Make sure you always upload your photos and links first before you start working on your content…WHY? because the moment you add your website the program will add that to your post and select it’s own image which is highly annoying to have to keep deleting all the time.


Step 5: – Add to Queue

Once you have created your post it is time to schedule it for your chosen day, select the drop down menu and you will see the following options. You will have the option to ‘Share Now’, ‘Schedule’ or ‘Save as Draft’, select the Schedule Post option to choose when you would like your post to go out.



Select schedule post

Step 6: – Select Date and Time

Select the Date, Time and Hour your post will go out. Friends + Me will tell you the options you have selected then click the button that says ‘Schedule post on…your chosen time’.

click to schedule your post on this day

Step 7: – Your post is now Scheduled 🙂

You should now see your post scheduled on your timeline under the day and time you have chosen. From here you can add more posts to your queue (follow above steps) or edit any posts you have already scheduled. Remember that scheduling is very handy but quite often it becomes set and forget. You must treat your social media campaign like something you have posted each day, engagement is where the benefit is, not in the posting! Posting is about YOU…engaging is about THEM!



See easy when you now how 🙂

Save this post for future reference by saving it to your bookmarks or sharing on your social sites. Have a great day Meeples x