Hey Meeples,  so today I thought I would let you all in on a little secret…Shhh!

I have picked up this trick over the past few months and it works like a charm. This is by no means new to the world of Digital Marketing, but definitely one you should consider implementing if your a big one for loading up pictures to your social platforms. I’m looking at you body builders, personal trainers, health, fitness and dance groups, lol.

The picture below is a photo stacking album created in Facebook, It was started by a company called Ripple X and is an album on positive quotes and pictures. The average reach on a photo in your newsfeed with a medium amount of engagement will be around 200-300 people, if you get a few people liking and commenting.  This however takes a long time to grow your audience as every new photo you add to your newsfeed means starting the counter at ZERO!!!

With the example below you can see that this particular album has over 1000 people reached in just a few days  which would have been a lot harder without tagging people and having a huge active engagement.

photo stacking | Digital Marketing


SO, Why does this work?

The reason that Photo stacking works so well is because you’re leveraging the momentum that you build on during the life of the photo album.

When someone likes, comments or shares this photo album, their friends are notified, so next time you add an update to the album, all the people who have engaged in the post previously will get a fresh update in their news feeds, allowing them to comment and engage again. If people missed older posts previously they will get a chance to comment on them from the latest update. Every like, comment and share has an accumulative affect making the album look VERY popular.

This creates a ripple effect of engagement every time you post an update.

Now, it’s very important to make your album look as enticing as possible so make sure you upload photos in groups, 4 or 9 as these are the most visually appealing layouts for albums. So save up your photos and post in bulk, you will love the results.

This is not a success overnight technique, like everything online it does take a fair amount of commitment on your side to implement it and help it grow.