5 ways toimprove your ranking

I’ve been asked a lot recently by local business owners how to improve their Google Places rankings. Well, it comes down to 5 very important things, which I am about to explain.

#1  Business Listings

Getting ranked high within Google Places comes down to Google deciding and verifying that your business is in fact real. Google does this by determining how often your business (N)ame, (A)ddress and (P)hone number (NAP) is listed on the internet. Quite simply the more you have, the higher your search rankings will usually be.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get cited by google is to submit your business to local and national business directories. A great place to start is here: Local Listings

#2  Consistency

Consistency is the key, you want your business information to be exactly the same on every listing, on your website and contact page and within the Google Places page itself. It is very important that you make a list and make sure that this information is always up to date. Google website crawlers will get confused and may even block you if your business has different information listed in various directories.

To make sure your information is consistent, do a search for your business in Google. Click to see what every listing of it looks like. Is the information correct? If not contact the website and have them change it.

#3  Contact Information On Website

You will also need to make sure your business name, address and phone number are listed on your website. Some business’ like to have it in the footer or header of your website so it shows on every page. I have found that it’s just as effective to have a dedicated contact page on your site.

There is one very important thing that should be on your contact page, which brings me to number 4.

#4 Embedded Google Map

If you go to our Contact Page you will see an embedded Google map. It’s good for your ranking to have have your businesses Google my business listing embedded on your contact page. By doing so Google can be certain you are located at the address you have listed

Embedding your map to your site is easy. Simply search your business name while in Google Maps. Once you have found it click on the settings icon which looks like a little cog and click on the “Share and embed map” option. It will then open a box that looks like the one below and you can copy the code into your website.


#5  Reviews

The one I have found most important is Reviews on your Google+ business page. Think about it, If Google sees a page with 20 or more reviews, won’t it want to show that page in the mapped listings over a page that doesn’t have any reviews? Reviews alone will not get you ranking number one, it’s a combination of all the above mentioned items. Make sure your business is supplying Google with fresh new content daily by keeping an active Google+ page. Having your business properly setup on Google Maps with a posting strategy in place is imperative to your business exposure. If you need help making sure your starting off on the right track we have setup and training packages to suit all stages of your business. Talk to the experts at Simply Me-dia today. Remember, if your business can’t be found online…another one can.