Internet Marketing CapalabaAre you ready to take on the Challenge?

This ‘Social Media Challenge’ is designed around increasing your engagement and building your following. In order to build quality followers and likes your business must be engaging and focused on social networking and not just promoting yourself.

For 30 days you will connect with 10 or more NEW pages outside of your current network, you will engage with them by means of liking, commenting or plus +1 their posts. It is imperative that you choose 10 pages that have a good following, are active daily on social media and have a good amount of engagement on their posts.

The pages you choose should have the same target audience as yours, this does not mean connect with your competition. For example, if you are a child photography company you may choose ‘Brisbane Kids’ or if you are in Life Insurance you may find local ‘retirement villages’ useful. Tyre fitters may find their target audience on a local 4WD page or community…you can see where I’m going with this.

Write down the 10 businesses that you will use for your Challenge and keep a record on your challenge sheet which you can download and print here. 30 Day engagment challenge record

 Steps for the challenge

  • Use your business page NOT your personal profile
  • Like 10 other business pages/communities that have your target audience, lots of fans and plenty of engagement on their posts.
  • Each day for 30 days complete at least 10 Likes/Comments across your chosen pages.
  • NEVER spam or post links back to your own page.
  • ALWAYS add value and be courteous.
  • Reply to any and all comments that are made in response to yours.
  • Record ‘L’ for like or ‘C’ for comment.

Click here to download your record sheet.

Not only are we changing the way you engage and network online to create positive relationships for your business but after 30 days you should see a rise in your followers (If using Google+) or Page Likes (If you are using Facebook). Of course this challenge can be tailored to suit all Social Media platforms however we are just going to start with the two mentioned above.

Remember: Step outside of your current networking circle and connect with new pages to help grow your social following.

Have a great day Meeples and remember to share and post your results!!!